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Welcome To Perfect Day Care


The mission of Perfect day care is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to children. The need for a safe and dependable childcare in Beaumont combined with our passion to provide quality care led to this state of the art day care facility.

Perfect Daycare provides excellent early care and education programs for children to be invested in the materials and their learning. Skilled teachers balance important learning outcomes with children’s natural interests. We focus on building strong home-school relationships from the start and prepare them for future success, both in and outside the daycare.

The day care has the following rooms:

Infants (under 12 monts)
Babies (12 – 18 months)
Toddlers (19m - 3 Yrs)
Pre-School (3Yrs – 4.5Yrs)
Kinders (4.5Yrs - 6 Yrs)
OSC (6Yrs and above)
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